LA Golf Course Greening Expected to Save Water, Greenbacks

By City News Service

City leaders gathered at a San Fernando Valley golf course Friday to ceremonially turn on a recycled-water system expected to save the city 163 million gallons of water a year.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and City Councilman Felipe Fuentes joined other city officials at Hansen Dam Golf Course to mark the completion of the water system project. Garcetti recently issued an executive order that set the goal of using recycled water at 85 percent of the city’s golf course space by 2017.

The amount of water saved through recycling water at the Hansen Dam golf course is projected to equal the amount used by 1,000 households.

“By reaching this goal voluntarily … of reducing (overall water use) by 20 percent by 2017, we will save ratepayers as well other green, which is their money — $120 million each year we estimate our customers will save by helping convert with us to recycled water,” Garcetti said.

The Hansen Dam system is an expansion of a “purple pipe” system that transports recycled wastewater treated for safe reuse in irrigation, industrial activities and seawater barriers.